The Evolution of Intimacy: How Emerging Tech is Reshaping the World of Sex Dolls

Will sex dolls become the new sex robots that replace human lovers?

It’s a question some futurists have in mind with recent technological advances in the sex doll market.

Let’s take a look at some of the existing technology in sex dolls and see how it might influence dolls made in the future.

What Will Sex Dolls Look Like in the Future?

Certain companies like RealDoll and Sex Doll Genie have already started using technology in their products.

The tech makes the dolls more lifelike by equipping them with personalities, AI, and the ability to orgasm.

Let’s take a look at each major feat of tech to determine how it might grow in the future.

AI Learning will Allow Dolls to Interact With Partners

Something that both RealDoll and Sex Doll Genie do with their toys is use AI.

RealDoll puts the AI in an app called RealDollX.

When you sync your RealDollX doll to the app, you’re able to have a conversation with it.

The AI on the app learns about you as you communicate with it.

If you tell it your favorite sport, for example, then it remembers that and can talk to you about it.

The app also allows you to generate and tweak the doll’s personality.

Sex Doll Genie does something similar except it keeps the interaction between you and the doll.

The doll’s head has a computer in it which enables it to use deep-learning software to interact with you.

The company also takes its immersion a step further by including facial expressions.

The dolls are able to wink and smile while speaking with you.

Now, currently, the technology is still in its infancy.

The voices sound robotic, the dolls don’t see you, and it can take some time for the AI to become smarter and smarter.

In the future, as technology advances, the dolls will be able to hold more intelligent, meaningful, conversations.

They’ll also likely have voices from which you can choose.

You’ll probably be able to customize the voice until it’s exactly what you like to hear.

AI will likely advance, too.

They’ll have broader topics they can discuss.

They’ll have better memories, too, so they can remember everything you’ve said to them and call back on those conversations.

You’re basically going to interact with a doll that almost doubles as a person.

For some people, an interactive sex robot might provide them with both the physical and emotional connection that they need.

RealDoll even plans to install cameras in its doll’s eyes, so it can perform facial recognition.

It will be able to speak with you in a different way than it might another person.

Dolls are going to become smarter and how we interact with them is definitely going to change.

Augmented Reality Will Allow You to Take Your Doll Anywhere

Some companies already use VR.

RealDoll, for example, allows you to create a VR avatar of your doll.

You can change how it looks, speaks, and generate its personality.

Since it’s on your phone, you’re able to bring the doll’s mind with you everywhere.

You could be at work, on break, and open up the app to converse with your doll.

This is another step towards making sex dolls more interactive.

The next step is augmented reality or AR.

Augmented reality basically allows you to enter a virtual world.

You’re able to interact with it via your own hands or a controller.

It’s a 3D world instead of a 2D world.

A lot of metaverse technology is pushing toward AR.

Sex doll companies will likely follow suit.

Before too long, VR will become AR.

Instead of just looking at an avatar on your phone, you’ll be able to actually touch it.

You’ll be able to reach out and stimulate your doll even though she’s miles away.

In the far future, AR may even provide physical feedback for you, too.

You’ll be able to have actual sex across long distances.

AR tech has a long way to go before then, but it’s definitely a road you can expect sex doll companies to take.

Dolls Will be Able to Start Moving Around

Some dolls are already capable of moving.

The sex robots from Sex Doll Genie can turn their heads and breathe.

The dolls from RealDoll are also capable of turning their heads.

As the AI behind dolls improves, it’s likely that their physical motor functions will, too.

It will likely begin with facial expressions and gestures.

Sex Doll Genie already has dolls that can smile and wink.

Their expressions will likely continue to improve and become more lifelike over time.

They’ll be able to move their arms to hold onto you or touch you.

Some companies may allow their dolls to walk, but there might be some pushback on that.

It might unnerve some customers.

However, it’s very likely that in the future, you’re going to see dolls with more movement capabilities.

Facial Recognition will Allow Your Doll to Customize Its Conversations

An exciting branch of technology is facial recognition.

We already see this tech in certain security products.

RealDoll also intends to use it with its smart dolls.

Facial recognition will allow sex dolls to see and remember their partners.

The conversations they share with you will likely be different from those they share with strangers.

This gives them the opportunity to have a broader base of topics.

It will also make them seem more lifelike.

They might be able to respond to a striptease, for example, or appreciate gifts.

Being recognized by your doll might help deepen your bond.

Synchronization With Other Sex Toys is Inevitable

As with any other sex toy, the ability to sync to other devices is a no-brainer.

The mind of your doll might be able to enter other sex toys.

For example, if you use a masturbator or vibrator, then the doll might be able to take control of it and pleasure you in that way.

You might be able to sync it to your home hub and talk with it throughout your home instead of using your phone or talking to the doll directly.

There are few limits on what a sex doll might sync to once the technology is there.

Try Your Hand at Futuristic Sex Dolls to Taste the Future

While sex technology is still in its infancy, it is developing and developing fast.

You can see just how far sex dolls have become already by checking out the AI dolls in our buyer’s guide.

You might just discover how close they are to the real deal already.

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