The Dillion Harper Fleshlight Review: A Shot With the Girl Next Door

Ever fantasized about getting it on with the irresistible Dillion Harper?

You’re certainly not alone.

The beloved porn star has become super famous with her innocent, girl-next-door appearance.

While the chances of getting physical with Dillion may be slim, there is a way to experience the next best thing…

Enter the Dillion Harper Fleshlight – a lifelike sex toy molded after her very own vagina.

In this review, I’ll dive deeper into the features and benefits of this Fleshlight and explore other alternatives to help you find your perfect match.

Dive Into Dillion’s World: Key Factors to Evaluate Before Purchasing the Crush Fleshlight

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Here are some essential considerations when buying the Dillion Harper Fleshlight:


As I’ll get into in this review, Dillion Harper’s Fleshlight is donned with ribs and nubs throughout the sleeve’s surface. These work together to stimulate and enhance your pleasure experience and make the crush sleeve feel like the real thing.

However, they also make cleaning and drying the sleeve a hassle and can quickly become bacteria hubs if you don’t clean your Fleshlight well.

So, before you add your crush to the cart, consider whether you can regularly clean and sterilize the Fleshlight. Thankfully, the sleeve is easily removable for cleanup and air drying.

Your Endowment

Fleshlights come in different sizes, and Dillion Harper’s crush sleeve is no exception.

It has a length of 9.84 inches with a maximum penetration length of 8.66 inches, divided into different chambers.

The sleeve has a maximum diameter of 2.36 inches, while the entry measures 0.59 inches in diameter.

It’s essential to consider these measurements compared to your penis size and girth so you don’t end up with a Fleshlight too big or small or miss out on the various sensations you could enjoy in certain chambers due to incompatible size.


If you are investing in a Fleshlight, you want it to last.

Luckily, durability isn’t something you have to worry about with the Dillion Harper Fleshlight. It ships in a durable, ABS-plastic case guaranteed to keep the crush sleeve in tip-top condition for a long time.

The sleeve features a super skin material meaning it’s not only lifelike but also durable.

Discovering Dillion’s Hidden Treasures: A Full Look at the Fleshlight Experience

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The Dillion Harper Fleshlight is a stroker molded from Dillion’s sexy, tight muff.

It’s available in two sleeve designs- the Crush Fleshlight- a lady version featuring her vagina’s imprint, and the Crave Sleeve molded from the starlet’s butt.

First released in 2016, it’s the model’s first and only Fleshlight, yet one of the most acclaimed in the market.

The Crush Fleshlight features five differently textured chambers making it ideal if you enjoy different levels of stimulation.

The Crave Sleeve boasts an extremely tight orifice and is perfect if you fancy high levels of stimulation to reach your big O. If tightness is a main priority for you, check out our list of the tightest Fleshlights here.

Crush Features

For this review I’ll focus on the Crush.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to explore Miss Harper’s sweet and deliciously sensual vagina:

The Design

Dillion Harper’s exciting pussy sleeve ships in a beautiful pearlescent case with a lid on one side and a cap on the other.

The lid opens to reveal Dillion’s inviting, pink, and delicate-looking pussy lips (unbox privately as you’ll want to slide into her love tunnel immediately).

The look and feel is so realistic thanks to the real feel super skin material used for the sleeve’s build. This material is high quality, ultra-soft, and pliable to perfectly replicate the sensation of penetrative sex, especially when paired with the water-based lube that comes as part of the package.

The Crush Sleeve has a 9-inch internal length and a 1-inch canal diameter, perfectly fitting the bigger and smaller bros.

Even better, the sleeve has adjustable suction, so you can customize the intensity of your experience just the way you love it.

Thanks to the waterproof case design, and an easily removable sleeve, cleaning this cutie out after you release your Daddy Sauce should be no hassle.

In addition to the lube, you also get a Fleshlight gold card that unlocks your access to endless quality Dillion Harper porn you can immerse yourself in to make the experience with the toy even more realistic.

The Four Chambers of Pleasure

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If you thought the lifelike vagina opening was exciting, I have even more great news:

The Crush Sleeve features four differently textured chambers!

I’ll explore each in detail below so you can know what exactly you’ll be getting into (literally).

Chamber 1

Once you part Dillion Harper’s sensual lips and push your way inside, your dick will slide into the first chamber – a 4.7-inch long, studded section that is also the largest of the three. Hold on tight, as additionally to being the tightest, this chamber also dons incredibly stimulating ribs and bumps.

It’s divided into two – a 3-inch, tight entry section texturized with longitudinal ribs that feel heavenly on your cock, followed by a slightly wider canal featuring bumps to gently massage and stimulate your dick as it pushes through Dillion’s heaven.

The tight entry followed by a wider canal and another tight section as you transition from the first chamber is a pretty genius idea by Fleshlight. It means the Crush Sleeve will stimulate you intensely, enhancing your hard-on as you get into it, but the intensity will reduce as you push in further, helping you last longer.

Chamber 2

As you transition from the first to the second section, the sleeve’s diameter reduces to only 0.6 inches, again gripping your cock tightly for intense stimulation.

Don’t want to cum yet? Good luck holding on to your pleasure because once you’re out of the narrow transition section comes the second, 1.8-inch chamber with its big circular rings that gently massage and stimulate you.

Luckily, as with the first chamber, the 2nd chamber widens slightly, reducing the intensity to help you last a little longer.

But as you reach the end of the 2nd chamber, the canal diameter reduces again, creating an extremely tight section for you to conquer. This time, you also get ridges in the transition section, making it even harder to get to the 3rd section due to the pleasurable stimulation.

Chamber 3

So you made it to the third chamber of the Dillion Harper sleeve? Good job!

Not everyone gets here as it starts at a 7-inch mark. The few who get to this 1.6-inch long section will have it incredibly good as the diameter drops again to 1.2 inches.

Additionally, this section features a transverse rib that stretches out spirally throughout the third and fourth sections causing intense stimulation of your head, guaranteed to break your sexual willpower and leave you gasping for air as you release a hot gush of cum into the stroker.

Satisfied Smiles and Steamy Stories: Fleshlight Users Share Their Dillion Harper Experiences

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The Dillion Harper pussy sleeve is undoubtedly among the market’s most beloved, and there’s plenty of social proof to back this up.

One buyer crowns it his favorite toy, while another one really enjoys the loose teasing after entry that becomes more stimulating as he becomes harder.

Another experienced user said it’s by far the best Fleshlight he’s ever tried.

Venture Beyond Dillion: Discover Other Thrilling Fleshlight Options

While this Fleshlight is undoubtedly one of the best in the market, here are some excellent alternatives for your comparison:

The Stoya Destroya

stoya destroya fleshlight girl
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Love your sexual experiences as intense as they can be?

The Stoya Destroya might be just what you need. It’s trendy, and for good reasons. To begin with, it’s a replica of Stoya’s pussy.

Stoya is a famous porn actress and a multiple AVN-award winner. Her sleeve features only three chambers, but each is nothing short of a pleasure heaven.

The first chamber features three rings of bumps that will massage and enhance your hard-on, preparing you for the next chamber.

The second chamber features larger nodes covering the entire sleeve surface in this section, and while these are undoubtedly exciting, the third chamber is where all the magic lies. It features rows of nubs, teeth, and ribbing, all working together to stimulate your cock head.

In contrast, the shaft is stimulated by bumps in the previous chamber, creating intense pleasure and, ultimately, an explosive orgasm!

Riley Reid Utopia

Riley reid fleshlight girl
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If you prefer taking time with yourself while you seek the big O, the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight might tickle your fancy.

Molded after Riley’s sexy vagina, the Utopia Fleshlight ships in a 10-inch case with a sleeve measuring 9.5 inches. It has a 0.2-inch diameter at its narrowest point and is donned with ribs and ridges for a stimulating and incredibly pleasurable experience.

The initial entry starts you off on a hard note thanks to the fine ribs immediately on the interior.

The second chamber widens a little and features a range of triangular nubs to keep you on edge without causing intense stimulation.

The third chamber is where even the most experienced Fleshlight user is guaranteed to give up control and release a hot load thanks to the tighter canal and the tiny nubs spread throughout its surface.

It’s the ideal Fleshlight for when you want to enjoy some laidback stroking.

Anna Foxx

anna fox fleshlight girl
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Love you some chocolate goodness?

Add the Anna Foxx Fleshlight to the cart as she is one of the only two black Fleshlight girls in the Fleshlight’s lineup.

Her pussy sleeve measures about 8.6 inches and features a texturized silk material guaranteed to make your experience with her soft but pleasurable every inch of the way (see what I did there).

It ships in a pearlescent case with incredible suction control. The Fleshlight features three chambers – the first, a 3.2-inch long section, starts with a loose entry and is texturized with a zig-zag bump that runs along its entire length to provide moderate stimulation and keep your hard-on hard for the next chamber.

The second chamber is only 1 inch long, making it the shortest of all three. Additionally, it’s also the narrowest chamber and features a range of nubs, so it will tightly grip your cock while the nubs massage and stimulate your dick. If you make it out of this chamber without cumming, the third chamber awaits with its triangular-shaped nubs.

Ultimately, the Anna Foxx Fleshlight is an excellent pick for anyone with a large cock who prefers a looser experience or the bros who love their girls chocolate.

Reaching Climax: The Definitive Wrap-Up of Our Fleshlight Review

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Plenty of Fleshlight girls are in the market, but the Dillion Harper Crush sleeve has one of the best designs.

The interior, other than having multiple chambers, is donned with ribs and bumps throughout to stimulate your cock from the moment of entry to when you hit your big O.

Sure, the cleanup requires a little extra work, but it’s all worth it, given the intense stimulation you’ll enjoy with your Crush.

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