Unlocking Pleasure and Strength: A Deep Dive Into the World of Kegel Balls

We all know the frustration of feeling things aren’t as tight “down there” despite regular workouts.

But what if I told you there’s a centuries-old method that’s both fun and effective?

Dive in as I introduce the best kegel balls – not only do they ensure a snug fit, but they also activate your G-spot and can even lead to pleasure peaks. Discover my top picks and learn how to choose the perfect pair for you.

My Quickie List

If you’re in a hurry to get answers on the best kegel balls, here are my fast seven picks. But I’d love it if you’d stick around to read all about these awesome ball sets, and you’ll love it if you hang around even longer to find out what you should want in a superior set for the best functionality and look.

7 Best Kegel Balls for Tightening and Toning

Kegel balls are excellent erotic toys to help you tone and strengthen vaginal muscles. These balls insert inside the canal and stay in place by the wearer clinching their vag floor. Not only are these toys beneficial for your health, but they can also feel amazing.

Check out these seven amazing kegel ball designs to find one that fits your life. And then give a go at the buyer’s section to find out what you need in a pair of balls for your holes.

Basics Silver Jiggle Balls – Best for Beginners

Basics kegel balls
Image taken from Lovehoney

Basics may be the name of these kegel balls, but that isn’t a description of the power of these simple yet amazing beginner 2 oz metal balls.

Each sphere has a small ball inside that shifts with your movements, sending delightful thrills for sensational inner stimulation. The light weight makes these balls perfect for leaving in throughout the day while toning your muscles and giving discreet stimulation.

Inserting these free-roaming Ben Wa balls is as simple as coating water-based lube before you push them into your canal. The retrieval string stays outside your body to make it easy to get the balls out.


  • Lightweight for beginners.
  • Attached retrieval string for easy removal.
  • The free-roaming design puts pressure on the G-spot.
  • Can wear all day long.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The string can be challenging to clean.
  • Light weight might not be enough for experts.

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Balls – Best Metal Design

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure balls
Image taken from Lovehoney

These novelty-designed metal kegel balls – named after the erotic novel – provide a solid weight to tone and tease your pelvic floor and G-spot.

With a combined weight of 221 grams (7.8 ounces), these balls create an easy-to-wear experience that provides a full sensation when in place. The 4″ round rigid balls are an amazing choice for advanced users.

The chrome-plated carbon steel doesn’t just look great. It’s also easy to clean, despite the silicone retrieval cord that makes the balls easy to remove when you’re done.


  • Solid metal balls work for pleasure and exercise.
  • Heavier weight for advanced kegel practice.
  • Balls attach to a strong silicone retrieval cord.
  • Stores in a satin bag for hygiene and discreetness.
  • Great for G-spot stimulation.


  • It might be too heavy for beginners.
  • Metal can be too cold for some.

Lovehoney Main Squeeze – Best Single Ball

Lovehoney Main Squeeze
Image taken from Lovehoney

The Main Squeeze is great for practicing kegel exercises with a single large, heavy ball rather than inserting dual balls.

This free-roaming jingle kegel toy has a 1.1-ounce weight to start working your vaginal muscles while the inner ball creates thrilling tingles.

It’s covered in pretty purple hypoallergenic smooth silicone, with a thick 4″ retrieval loop cord allowing for easy removal of the 2″ tall by 4.5″ wide firm ball.


  • Large ball for advanced kegel workouts.
  • Smooth waterproof silicone.
  • Loose inner jingle ball.
  • Silicone loop retrieval strap.
  • Lightweight for beginners.


  • It might be too lightweight for expert users.
  • It might be difficult to insert at first.

Lovehoney Main Squeeze Heavy Double – Best for Experienced Users

Lovehoney Main Squeeze Heavy Duty
Image taken from Lovehoney

This Main Squeeze kegel ball toy has a double kegel ball design of jiggling, free-roam heavyweight balls covered in silky silicone.

You can enjoy enhanced tingles from increased activities while having your 4.5″ girth by 4″ wide ball inserted. Then pull them out with the silicone retrieval strap.

And the advanced 3.5-ounce weight gives your inner muscles an extra workout while delivering intense pleasure.


  • The heavier weight is great for advanced kegel exercises.
  • Silicone casing is easy to clean and easy to insert.
  • Free roaming, jiggling weighted balls add a layer of pleasure.
  • Silicone retrieval strap for easy removal.
  • Great for toning muscles.


  • It can be challenging for beginners.
  • Smaller ball size.

Tracey Cox Supersex – Best for Toning

Tracey Cox Supersex kegel balls
Image taken from Lovehoney

This kegel ball kit comes with two options – a single free-roaming silicone ball and a double toner kegel ball design, both with a retrieval cord for easy removal.

Start your kegel exercises with a 1.4-ounce free-roam 4.5″ girth jingle ball encased in smooth waterproof silicone.

Then swap it out for the set of toner balls – for a combined 2.8-ounce weight – when you want advanced kegel practice.


  • Two different kegel ball designs – single and double ball.
  • Great for toning and strengthening.
  • Free-roam balls for extra sensation.
  • The heavier weight ball is better for advanced play.
  • Silicone is easy to clean and feels great.


  • The retrieval cord can feel awkward if placed wrong.
  • Heavyweight might not be enough.

We-Vibe Bloom – Best Vibrating Balls

We-Vibe Bloom kegel balls
Image taken from Lovehoney

The Bloom is a fantabulous way to take your kegel exercises to the next level with the function of standard kegel balls. (Plus, it’s great for wearing in public. Find out more here!)

And it takes things up a notch with ten vibration modes that you can control using the We-Vibe app that can be used anywhere in the world.

Soft silicone coats the 3.5″ insertable balls with a 4.25″ circumference. The balls have different weights, so you can gradually work your way up.


  • The app can control vibrations from anywhere.
  • Three interchangeable ball weights.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Versatile uses.
  • Easy insertion and removal.


  • Connectivity to the app can be faulty.
  • The tail can be uncomfortable in some positions.

Lelo Luna – Best for Kegel Training

Leo Luna
Image taken from Lovehoney

The Lelo Luna is a wonderful kegel training set with two pairs of weighted balls – small 1-ounce beads or 1.3-ounce balls.

You can insert the balls sans holder to experience the feel of traditional Ben Wa balls. Or add them to the 4″ insertable silicone holder with a retrieval cord to easily remove the balls.

Each ball has a 4.75″ circumference, so you can add one of each weight if you want a middle combination.


  • Two sets of kegel ball pairs.
  • It can use with or without a silicone holder.
  • Included silicone holder for easy removal.
  • Color-coded weight for both pairs of balls.
  • Easy to insert and clean.


  • Balls can collect lint and dust.
  • Weights can make slight noise during hard movements.

Kicking Your Pleasure Up a Notch With Kegel Balls

Now that you’re familiar with seven fabulous designs, take the time to educate yourself on what makes kegel balls something you should want in your arsenal of sex toys.

Material Type

First things first, check out the product description to see what materials make up the construction. Even if it looks pretty, that doesn’t mean it’s safe to use on your private regions – or rather, inside your intimate areas.

There are no safety standards regarding what manufacturers can and can’t use to construct novelty sex items. So, plenty of harmful ingredients can turn a few moments of fun into a long nightmare of regret.

Because kegel balls have the intended use of staying in place inside your vagina, they often have a substantial weight due to being made of metal. Other styles of kegel balls are made of plastic or have a metal center with a silicone coating. And then there are balls made of glass.

Ball Weight

One of the most important things to consider when choosing kegel balls is the weight of the balls – both solo and when worn together. If the balls connect to a strap, you’ll also want to consider the combined weight of all pieces.

Beginners should search for selections with a lesser weight to them, while those with experience with kegel exercises might do better with something heavier.

Plastic balls will be the lightest but be wary of the type of plastic used for construction. Silicone-coated balls are also usually lightweight. Many of these have jingle balls – small loose balls inside the big balls that move around to add extra movement and tingles.

Ball Size and Amount

Most kegel balls come as a set of two, although a few rare kits come with three balls. And some designs have a solo ball, which is generally larger and heavier for experienced users.

The best sets come with more than one pair of balls, giving you different sizes and weights to work your way from a beginner pair to advanced balls with more substance.

Beginner balls are generally smaller in diameter and height. In comparison, advanced balls have a more intimidating size requiring more effort.

Retrieval Method

You also want to know the method of removal for your kegel balls. Many modern balls have a silicone holder with a tail that you leave on the outside of your body to pull the balls out easily.

Or you can enjoy the advanced play by inserting the balls sans (without) a holder to enjoy the feeling of free-roaming weight balls.

Other designs have a strap or string that connects the two balls, with a strap on the end for tugging the balls out when you’re done with your exercises (it’s advised for no more than four to six hours of wear daily).

Keep Your Cooch In Condition With Correct Kegel Balls

Kegel balls have seriously become the secret weapon of choice for any female who experiences issues related to childbirth or aging, such as a weakened pelvic floor, a problem with incontinence, or those that are feeling loose in the goose, so to speak. You can use kegel balls to exercise your cooch while doing chores around the house. Or to prime your sex for a sexy session of intercourse.

So, if you need something ballin’ to put in your twat, get the job done with a set of kegel balls. You’ll be shocked at the results! Start your exercise the right way with one of my top seven picks for vaginal weights –


FAQ Answer
Why Use Kegel Balls? Kegel weights are a useful tool to help improve the results from kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. They resolve common issues like incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.
Are There Reasons That You Shouldn’t Use Kegel Weights? If you’ve had a pelvic floor muscle injury or myofascial pelvic pain syndrome, consult your doctor. Seek advice if there’s pelvic pain, infection, you have an IUD, are pregnant, or use a menstrual cup.
How to Pick the Right Kegel Balls? Choose the right materials, suitable weight, and consider cleaning – avoid porous materials. Opt for sets with different weights for versatility.
Are There Any Risks to Using Kegel Balls? Generally safe, but misuse can cause pain, discomfort, tearing, and overexertion. Always use lube for safe insertion.
Are Kegel Balls the Same Thing as Ben Wai Balls? They’re often used interchangeably. Ben Wai balls are mainly for exercise, while kegel balls are for training and pleasure. Other names include Venus balls, orgasm balls, and geisha balls.
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