The Top 5 Ben Wa Balls: Find Your Perfect Pelvic Power Partner

People have been using Ben Wa balls for exercise for thousands of years. Indeed, we haven’t always had the prudish stick up our butts about exploring our sexuality and sexual parts.

Ben Wa balls are cylindrical weights that you insert into the vaginal canal. Once inside, the wearer has to use their kegel muscles – the inner muscles along your pelvic floor – to hold the balls in place.

But why the hell would a woman want to go through the stress of trying to keep balls in her cooch if it’s not part of sex fun? Okay, my naughty thinkers, I see you. And I totally agreed – at first.

Until I realized the amaze-balls (sorry, I can’t resist being punny) benefits of using Ben Wa balls. If you’ve had a kid, have issues with incontinence of the bladder (yeah, if you pee a little when you sneeze, laugh, or cough, I’m talking to you) or the rectum, or if you want to keep things toned and tightened in the downstairs region, Ben Wa weights can be great for you!

Our Quickie List

If all you want is the name of the best Ben Wa balls, check out these five fast picks. I love each of these weighted ball sets for performing kegel exercises to keep your vag and pelvic floor in prime youthful condition.

5 Best Ben Wa Balls Systems

Picking the right Ben Wa ball system for your body isn’t like trying on a bunch of shoes to find the most comfortable pair. While you could buy several sets and give each one a ride, that could get expensive and result in wasted money and a bad experience.

Start your exploration with these five fabulous picks that will guarantee a great time. Or read the buyer’s guide to discover what you need in a superior Ben Wa ball set to get a great buy and an amazing experience.

Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Jingle Balls – Best Overall

Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Jingle Ben Wa Balls
Image taken from Lovehoney

The inner goddess jingle balls give you luxury at their finest for an experience of an exceptionally fun time in a sexy silver housing.

The 2.3-ounce weight gives internal thrills and an effective workout for all users due to the inner jingle balls that vibrate inside the two free-roaming Ben wa balls.

A 3.75” silicone cord allows easy removal of the hard plastic 4.5” circumference 4” tall balls that you can store in the included storage bag.


  • Free-roaming balls with inner jingle weights.
  • Weighted for all users.
  • Connected to a silicone removal cord.
  • Includes a storage bag for discreetness.
  • Part of the 50 Shades of Grey line.


  • Made of plastic.
  • Short silicone strap.

Fifty Shades of Grey Mini Goddess Ben Wa Balls – Best for Beginners

Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Jingle Balls
Image taken from Lovehoney

This set of mini pleasure balls offers all the pleasure of metal kegel balls with the luxury of an unintimidating size and weight – 2.75” circumference with a 3-ounce (combined) weight.

The cool metal of the balls delivers erotic thrills, while the 8.5” silicone strap keeps the balls contained and easy to remove.

And as a novelty item, this set of 3.5” tall Ben wa balls comes with a silky storage bag (labeled with the trademark erotic novel).


  • Beginner size.
  • Long silicone strap with an oversized metal tag.
  • It comes with a discreet storage bag.
  • Metal ball construction.
  • Novelty brand.


  • The balls are a bit too spaced apart.
  • It might not satisfy advanced users.

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Blossom – Best Glass Design

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Blossom
Image taken from Lovehoney

The Lovehoney Blossom Ben Wa balls are a perfect luxury choice for those who want to explore pelvic strengthening and concentrated inner pleasure.

These free-roaming elegant sculpted glass balls have an advanced combined weight of 2.6 ounces for those experienced with Ben Wa balls and kegel exercises.

These shatter-resistant balls, made of durable, hypoallergenic borosilicate glass, are the perfect intro toy to temperature play and free-roaming weighted balls.


  • Tones, strengthens and arouses.
  • Elegant glass design.
  • Designed for experienced players.
  • Hypoallergenic shatterproof glass.
  • Allows for exciting temperature play.


  • They might be too heavy for beginners.
  • No string for easy removal.

Basics Silver Jingle Balls – Budget Pick

Basics Silver Jingle Balls
Image taken from Lovehoney

This Basics pair of silver jingle balls have a comfy 2-ounce weight that is great for introducing you to the use of Ben wa balls for pelvic floor exercises and the feel of sexual gratification.

These two metal jingle balls attach via a retrieval cord that allows easy removal and keeps the balls together to prevent accidental loss.

The double sphere ball shape protects the weighted inner jingle balls, which give you delicious thrills as the beads have free roam inside your canal.


  • Jingle ball Ben Wa Ball design.
  • Metal balls add extra sensations.
  • Retrieval string for easy ball removal.
  • Tones and pleasures the G-spot.
  • An extra thrill from inner jingle balls.


  • It can be difficult to clean string.
  • Only one size of balls.

Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads – Best for Inner Workout

Lelo Luna Pleasure beads
Image taken from Lovehoney

The Luna bead system gives you the toning from kegel workouts with the excitement of traditional ben wa balls.

You can start with the lightweight 1-ounce balls, and then once you’re experienced with keeping the balls in place with your inner muscles, you can graduate to the two heavier 1.3-ounce balls.

And you have two options for play – inserting the two balls into the included silicone holder for easy removal after playtime. Or by inserting the balls sans holder to enjoy the feel of free-roaming balls.


  • Two sets of weighted balls.
  • Can use with or without the silicone holder.
  • The holder includes a tail for easy removal.
  • Color-coded for easy identification.
  • 4.75” round with a 4” insert length for G-spot arousal.


  • Not made of metal.
  • The heaviest weight might not be enough to create arousal.

Blow Your Mind with The Best Ben Wa Ball Set for Your Buck

You’ve got the name of the five best Ben Wa ball sets. But I’ve got some better stuff in store for you to whet your appetite. Knowing what you need in Ben Was can help you find the right set for your unique cooch.

Ball Weight

The main consideration for Ben Wa balls is the weight; there are two to consider. First, what is the weight of each ball? And then, what is the combined weight of the balls when inserted together?

Beginners to kegel exercises should start with a low weight. Then, once you’re used to activating your inner muscles, you can move up to balls with a heavier weight.

The best kegel ball sets will come with a combination of ball weights that allow you to interchange the weights as needed or combine one of each weight for a customized fit.

Retrieval Method

Ben Wa balls insert inside the vagina, leaving no visual evidence when inserted unless attached to a string or tail.

Some balls have a free-roaming status, meaning the loose balls go inside your vagina, and you must use your muscles to push them out.

But other kegel balls connect via a string in the middle, with another string attached to the end of the ball to make it easy to pull the balls out. You can also use silicone holders to insert loose Ben Wa balls, which are great for multiple-weight bead kits.

Size of Balls

Ben Wa balls come in different sizes, from the girth (width) to the height. A smaller size would be more appropriate if this is your first time exploring ball insertion.

You can also find bigger ball sizes for advanced users. A single-ball design could work best if you go too big with your ball size and weight.


You can get Ben Wa balls in several different materials. The ball construction can affect the weight and functionality.

Metal balls have a good weight and allow you to explore temperature play due to the material being conductive to heat and chilling.

Glass balls also give you a solid weight that feels amazing when clenched inside. They can apply firm pressure to your G-spot while helping you tone your muscles. Exercising has never been so fun!

Plastic and silicone Ben wa balls are usually lighter, making them good for beginners. They also have a more affordable price tag.

Many of these balls have a free-roaming inner weight that creates fun reverberations that add a touch of pleasure to your kegel practice. It can also make a great warm-up or masturbatory toy.

Method of Cleaning

Proper cleaning is crucial for all of your sex toys. Using Ben Wa balls that haven’t been cleaned correctly can lead to unhealthy results, like nasty infections in your hoo-ha.

The material of your balls will determine the cleaning method. Toys that connect from a string or strap require extra care when cleaning. You can clean metal and glass with a sanitary sex toy cleaner spray, boiling water, or mild soap and water.

Plastic and silicone can be cleaned with a sanitation spray and a cloth. Or you can use a soap and water solution and rinse thoroughly before drying and storing away.

Ben Wa Balls are Brilliant for Inner Body Boosting

Inserting Ben Wa balls into your vaginal canal can be a great way to build better control of your inner muscles. A strengthened vaginal floor can give you better bladder control, stronger pelvic muscles for increased sensations during sex, and heightened orgasms. You can use Ben Wa balls to exercise or induce pleasure as a masturbatory aid. Get your pelvic area into shape or explore enhanced arousal with these five fabulous ball sets –


Are Ben Wa Balls the Same Thing as Kegel Balls?

Ben Wa and kegel balls are often interchangeable to describe the same workout aid. Many people consider the only difference that Ben Was is often for exercise while kegel balls are often more for pleasure and exercise practice.

Why Use Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa balls can help women keep things toned in the pelvic area, whether the slack comes from aging, childbirth, or a medical defect.

Who Should Use Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa balls can be a useful workout tool to increase the impact and effectiveness of kegel exercises. While Kegels are a great way to tone your inner muscles, some people can benefit more. Women who have had children, experienced sexual dysfunction or incontinence, or have aged can receive major advantages from using kegel balls.

Are Ben Wa Balls Safe?

When used properly, Ben Wa balls can be a safe way to strengthen the walls of your pelvic region and reduce the effects of aging and childbirth, like incontinence, a lack of sensations during sex, and weakened orgasms. But some conditions make it not safe to use Ben Wa balls. So it’s best to talk to your doctor before inserting balls for exercise.

Can You Use Ben Wa Balls Anally?

Ben Wa balls are an exercise assistance tool for vaginal insertion. They are not meant to be inserted into the butt, as they can get lost in the cavity.

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