4Club Review: Is This Hook-Up Website as Good as it Sounds?

When you stumble across a website that markets itself as “the hottest place to hook up”, you probably assume it’s too good to be true. That’s maybe the case for 99% of men.

Perhaps a small percentage will check online reviews like this one to see if it’s the real deal. And that’s absolutely worth doing!

Because there are some hook-up websites out there that are legit. An online fantasy world of horny babes waiting to meet you could be a few clicks away…

This 4Club review will give you the full verdict and help you discover whether this website is worth your hard-earned money.

4Club Has a lot of Red Flags and I Wouldn’t Recommend Anyone Spend a Penny on it

It’s difficult to conclusively prove that a dating website is a scam. Even the scammiest-looking websites might have one or two women genuinely looking for a steamy hook-up.

So, I have to be careful with my words. But I will say that 4Club has most of the red flags that I’d recommend to identify a scammy dating website.

4club homepage screenshot
Screenshot taken from 4club.com

It Would Appear That 4Club Uses Bots to Masquerade as Sex-Hungry Women

When testing dating websites, I always leave my profile blank for 24 hours. That means no photos and no bio. My hypothesis is that no genuine woman would bother to message an anonymous profile. So, if my blank profile receives messages, that’s a clear sign that a website is using bots to trick its users. This is usually done to trick people into upgrading to a paid membership or continue paying for their existing account. Anyway, my blank profile received eight messages in 24 hours.

Most scam websites would force their users to pay to respond to its messages, either by upgrading to a paid subscription or buying credits. 4Club does the former, but it goes one step further. You’ll also have to pay to read the messages you receive. That’s right! My inbox told me I had eight messages and I could see photos of the sexy women in the profiles that messaged me. But the message itself was obscured by an alert telling me to upgrade if I wanted to read my messages.

In the name of research, I paid $38 to upgrade to a VIP account for one month. And I was incredibly disappointed with what was revealed.

Not only had these accounts written the most basic messages, but some of them had written the exact same thing to me.

Three accounts had written: “Want to know more about your play level?”

Two more said: “You look great, care to chat?”

Another told me: “Would love to talk about your sexual preference. Write me!”

The technology is available for bots to deliver a realistic girlfriend experience in 2023. But it’s clear that 4Club has chosen not to invest in this. In fact, it would appear this website isn’t even trying to hide its use of bots once you’ve upgraded.

To top it off, I sent a message to all of these accounts and received no reply. I messaged another 50 profiles that hadn’t messaged me and received no replies. Once it has your money, 4Club turns into a virtual ghost town.

The profiles themselves are another giveaway. Each allows space for users to write a short bio and share information about themselves. However, of the dozens of profiles I checked, none had filled out any information at all. All the profiles were completely blank.

If you put the pictures from these profiles into a Google Reverse Image search, you’ll usually find them posted on several other adult dating websites. That’s another common giveaway that a profile is manufactured, by the way.

4Club Does Offer a Good Live Cam Girl Service

There is a cam girl service available on 4Club. Even those with a free account can access this part of the website and there are hundreds of women to interact with here at any time.

With that said, there are literally hundreds of cam girl websites out there that are just as good.

Most cam girls have software that enables them to stream to several websites simultaneously, so you’ll find your favorite streamer elsewhere online.

As with any cam girl website, you’ll need to pay for a one-on-one session.

4Club has a “videochat” section on its website, which supposedly allows you to chat live with other members. However, I checked this several times and the list of members online was always blank.

I could list other useful features that 4Club offers, such as “Online Now” alerts and information about which user was last online.

However, such features would ultimately prove useless on a website if you can’t find one person to reply to a message.

Other Reviewers Agree That 4Club isn’t Worth Your Time

Here are some notable points from other bloggers who have reviewed 4Club.

Sexdatingapps.com claims that 4Club.com's main goal is to get you to sign up and pay for an upgrade. They state that they've never heard of anyone actually meeting someone through the site. 

Datingpig.wordpress.com agrees, suggesting it's not worth spending your money on 4Club.com when it doesn't deliver on its promises. 

Datingbusters.com raises further concerns, pointing out that the site uses fake messages and profiles. They used special software to find that many of the profile pictures are actually from adult sites.

I have also found scathing reviews from customers who were tricked into paying a couple of dollars for a two-day trial. These unsuspecting customers claim they found it almost impossible to cancel their accounts and therefore continued to have their credit cards charged. While I didn’t have such problems, this is another issue that people often face when giving their credit card details to scam websites.

Why Bother With 4Club When You Can Use Adult Friend Finder?

I have tested dozens of hook-up websites over the years – and there’s nothing that comes close to Adult Friend Finder. AFF is everything that 4Club pretends to be!

Adult friend finder banner
Screenshot take from AdultFriendFinder.com

This website has tens of millions of active users across the world, including tons of attractive women.

It’s made abundantly clear that the purpose of this website is to share adult content and meet other users for awesome sexual experiences. And in my experience, most of the women on this website are happy to co-operate!

I’ve tested Adult Friend Finder in several parts of the world and always found an abundance of hotties who were willing to swap contact details with the intention of meeting up.

Adult Friend Finder is set up like a social media website. You can upload photos, videos and status updates to your profile for other people to consume. You can follow other users and view the latest updates from them in the main dashboard. You can look for new people to follow using the powerful search function.

But the real action goes down in the DMs. And I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to convince horny AFF users to meet you in the real world.

What’s more, AFF is currently running a free trial, so there’s no better time to test the website out for yourself.

Don’t Even Waste Your Time With the Two-Day Trial

4Club offers one type of premium membership, which allows you to read your messages and send messages to an unlimited number of users.

You can buy a two-day trial or a full membership for one month, 12 months or 18 months. The longer memberships cost more, but they’ll cost you less per day that you’re signed up for.

These were the prices on offer at the time I tested the website.

  • Two-day trial: $2.45
  • 1 month: $38
  • 12 months: $144 ($12 per month)
  • 18 months: $173.88 ($9.66 per month)

Having extensively tested this website, I’d recommend you don’t waste your time on any of these memberships.

It’s not “the hottest place to hook up.” You’d do well to even find someone to talk to.

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