The 5 Best Nipple Clamps: Must-Have Picks for Every Pleasure Seeker

We can all agree that a little pinch can amplify sensations during intimate moments, right?

Well, nipple clamps are an exciting accessory that can give your boobs all the pleasurable pain you want – while looking great. These handy tools allow you to enjoy the pressure of nipple pinching, even if your partner’s hands are busy elsewhere.

I’ve found five fantabulous nipple clamps that won’t just give you a glorious pinch but will also look classy and make you feel sassy.

Try these fun and stylish pain inflictors, whether flying on a solo mission to orgasm land or being taken along for a ride by your sexy dom partner.

My Quickie List

Stop! In the name of love. Give a go at these five best nipple clamps if you’re only here to get inspiration for the best pick for pinching nipple clamps. These are my five favorite nipple clamp pairs, sure to bring you the perfect mix of “ouch” and “oh!”

5 Best Nipple Clamps

I’ve teased you with my naughty picks for a quick taste. Now, let’s examine why these nipple clips made it to my superior list of the best clamps for nipple pinching. I’m as picky about my sex accessories as most women are about matching their handbags to outfits. I ensure these sexy designs will give you the best pain for your pleasure.

Lovehoney Tease Me – Best Beginner

Lovehoney Tease Me Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Image taken from Lovehoney

If you’re new to nipple stimulation using devices like clamps, the Tease Me is perfect for satisfying your arousal, no matter how much pressure you want to experience on your nips.

The sliding tweezer design and soft silicone tips create a gentle adjustable pinch, while the nickel-free metal is allergen-free.

You can adjust these 3” clips for gentle squeezes or to inflict slightly more pain with light stings. And after you’ve become accustomed to the sensations, the clamps allow you to twist, pull, and tug for advanced arousal.


  • Great for beginners.
  • Silicone tips for comfort.
  • Can inflict various levels of pain.
  • Easy-to-use sliding tweezer design.
  • Heart charms add a decorative element.


  • Not everyone likes the charm.
  • It can be challenging to adjust.

Bondage Boutique – Best Combined Use

Bondage Boutique Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Clit Clamp
Image taken from Lovehoney

The Bondage Boutique clamp set gives you small dual crocodile clamps for applying pressure to your nipples.

And each clamp attaches to O-rings at the end of the chains that connect to a central O-ring that then leads to a crocodile clit clamp for combined pleasure.

The slender silver chain has a 21” length to fit most body styles with PVC-coated tips. And each O-ring gives you a chance to add additional weight or tension.


  • Fully adjustable clamps.
  • Combined clit and nipple stimulation.
  • Connects to 21” chain.
  • O-rings for adding additional weight and restraints.
  • Covered tips for slight softness.


  • PVC coated clips.
  • You can’t apply too much pressure.

Basics Collar with Clamps – Best Collar Design

Basics Collar with Clamps
Image taken from Lovehoney

The Basics nipple clamps with collar give you an exciting experience with BDSM with an adjustable 18” Velcro bondage restraint.

You can use the D-ring to connect your collar to a lead for fun bondage. And once you put the collar on, join the dual chains that attach to the crocodile nipple clamps.

Use the screw pins to change the intensity of the clamps by adjusting the pressure and tightness. A PVC coating on each clamp creates sleek comfort.


  • Allows for BDSM play.
  • Dual crocodile clips connect to a Velcro collar.
  • Adjustable pressure using screw pins.
  • Clamps connect to two metal chains.
  • The D-ring on the collar allows for additional accessories.


  • Contains PVC.
  • Best for advanced users.

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced – Most Decorative

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps with Charms
Image taken from Lovehoney

The advanced Tease Me gives you all the excitement of intense nipple pinching in an easy, user-friendly design.

The nickel-free rings have round, firm tips that apply powerful pinching with swinging heart charms, adding a fun decor finish.

You can adjust the pressure on your nipples by pulling the circles open or squeezing the metal to create a tighter grip.


  • Nickel-free metal construction.
  • Easy-to-use pull-apart design.
  • Creates strong nipple stimulation.
  • Dangle heart charm for decorative accent.
  • Adjustable pinching sensation.


  • Not for beginners.
  • No covering over the metal.

50 Shades of Grey The Pinch – Best Novelty

50 Shades of Grey The Pinch
Image taken from Lovehoney

If you’re a fan of the 50 Shades of Grey books, you’ll love this kinky pair of adjustable nipple clamps that can suit all experience levels.

The tweezer clamp design allows for adjusting the pressure of the clamps, from gentle squeezing to intense pinches that deliver the perfect amount of pain.

Each 3.5” silicone-tipped clamp features a string of metal weights that increases the pain intensity level while adding strength to the pinch factor.


  • Tweezer clamp design.
  • The attached weights create additional pulling.
  • Adjustable pressure for all experience levels.
  • Silicone tipped clamps.
  • Part of the 50 Shades of Grey line.


  • They can be difficult to put on the first few times.
  • It can be slightly challenging to tighten.

Mixing Nipple Clamps into Your Naughty Time

Are you new to nipple clamps and don’t know what you need in the perfect pair? Nipple clamp accessories cause blood restriction to the tips of your tits, giving you a delicious numbing that verges on the edge of pleasure and pain. Use these criteria to pick the perfect pair of nipple clamps for your sexplorations.

Clamp Type

You can find several styles of nipple clamps that deliver different sensations to your sensitive nubs. Which type works best for your needs will depend on the method of pinching that you want to experience.

Adjustable nipple clamps are a great choice for beginners but might not create enough stimulation for advanced lovers. Different adjustable nipple clamp styles include:

  • Tweezers – great adjustable option for beginners with a soft coating on the tip
  • Alligator – also known as crocodile clamps due to creating a biting pinch on your nips with a strong sensation that can’t be adjusted
  • Butterfly/clover – clamps that rest on your nipples and connect to a chain that dangles over your chest to enhance the attractive factor
  • Magnetic – these advanced clamps create a strong squeeze by placing a metal clamp on each side of the nipple and letting the magnets create a tight pinch as they try to come together.
  • Lasso – lasso clamps wrap around the nipple with a bead in the middle that you can adjust to create the right pressure around your sensitive appendage
  • Clothespin – looks and functions like a standard clothespin with two pieces that close together to create a strong pinch against your skin.

And there are also a few choices of non-adjustable clamps, like magnetic, clover, or clothespin clamps. These designs are better for experienced users and may not be the right design for beginners.

Nipple Size and Sensitivity

Nipples are just like every other body part – unique to each person. The first thing to consider is the size of your (or your partner’s) nipples. Are they large with a broad areola? Or are you working with a smaller nipple size? Nipple size should play a major factor in which clamp is right for you.

Then there is the sensitivity of your nipples. Do you feel every nuance, meaning you need a clamp that keeps the pressure in one small area? Or do you prefer the pressure to spread more over a wider surface area?

Clamp Size and Tips

The size of your clamps and the tips will affect the amount of pressure the accessories provide to your nipples.

Clamps with thin tips are better for creating precise pressure in one area of your nipple, likely the end, rather than spreading broad sensations across the entire nipple area. But wide clamps can cover more surface area of your nipples and send feelings over your total boob area and straight to your groin.

When shopping for nipple clamps, don’t just focus on the size of the clip concerning your pleasure. You also want to seriously consider the size and anatomy of the tips of your nipple clamps.

Silicone-tipped nipple clamps create a softer pinch against your nipple area than bare metal clips.

Nipple Clamp Weight

Nipple clamps come in different weights, with some models being lightweight while other clamps have a heavier construction weight.

Then some designs have attachable emblems that dangle from the clamps and add extra weight and a cool look.

Heavyweight nipple clamps create a pleasurable tug that can be too much sensation for beginners. But if you aren’t getting enough pain with your pleasure, you can make your clamps heavier by adding additional charms or a thick chain.

Nipple Clamp Material

Material is of the utmost importance when it comes to anything that comes into contact with your body, especially around your sensitive regions.

The nipple clamps you pick should be a material that doesn’t cause skin irritations or allergy risks. And also, pay attention to any add-ons that may come with the clamps or that you may want to use with them.

Because most clamps are metal, you want to look for nickel-free construction. If there are coverings on the metal, make sure the protective coating is also body-safe, like tips made of PVC or silicone.

Nipple Clamp Accessory Compatibility

Nipple clamps have become a popular staple in BDSM exploration, especially as more people discover the eroticism of giving your partner full control of your pleasure (and pain).

Since nipple clamps are a great accessory to your playtime, you may want to find a design that allows compatibility with other sex equipment, like chains, clit clamps, and BDSM collars.

Other nipple clips allow you to attach charms or emblems to add extra weight. These designs are great if you’re new to nipple pinching and want to explore. But they’re also fabulous when you want to experience “more” pain or pleasure by adding more weight for a stronger pinch or pull.

Are Nipple Clamps Something You Should Try?

Nipple clamps are a great way to apply nipple stim to your sexual routine while adding a sexy visual. There are a few different nipple clamp styles, allowing you to get a set that matches your experience level and pain tolerance (or preference). You can even get designs attached to chains, collars, and weights. Start your explorative nipple play with my five favorite boob clamps –


FAQ Answer
What are the Benefits of Nipple Clamps? Nipple stimulation can make the brain release oxytocin, a chemical neurotransmitter called the cuddle hormone. A small world population can have a nipplegasm – an orgasm caused by stimulation of the nipples.
What are the Different Types of Nipple Stimulators? Nipple stimulation can occur without using any accessories and only your hands. But nipple clamps allow you to take your exploration to a new level, with varying amounts of pressure, depending on your clamp setting. Stimulators can range from squeezable clips to adjustable screw clamps. Some clamps don’t make a complete connection, much like fake earrings. These rings meet in the middle with rounded tips, and you can squeeze them to adjust the tightness.
How Long Can You Wear Nipple Clamps? Nipple clips can be a fun expansion of your arousal, whether doing a solo play or exploring BDSM with your partner. Regardless of your experience level, you should not wear these tighteners for longer than 20 minutes at a time since the whole purpose of the accessory is to cut off blood flow to that part of your body.
Are Nipple Clamps for Men or Women? Like everyone has nipples, everyone can use nipple clips, regardless of gender. A man can get the same arousal and sensations from nipple play as a female. The act of nipple stimulation can increase sexual arousal by causing the brain to let off the same chemicals that you experience during orgasm. Over 52% of men find nipple play useful for enhancing arousal and increased sex play.
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